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Feici Sail Co., Ltd., located in Jinshan District, Shanghai, with a registered capital of 65 million yuan, was jointly funded and established by Shenzhen Flying Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. The company integrates Research and Development (R&D), product design, manufacturing, sales service and the IoT (Internet of Things), and we insist on introducing advanced technologies, independent innovation, and leading international cutting-edge technologies. We are one of the few environmental-friendly high-tech companies and high-end equipment manufacturing companies in the world that own two core technologies of air suspension and maglev suspension.
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Blower Technology Innovation History
The traditional Roots blowers and centrifuges are being replaced by suspension centrifugal blowers, which are 100% oil-free, 100% friction-free, and 100% maintenance-free. Using science and technology to help the country achieve the strategic goals of “Carbon Peak” and “Carbon Neutrality”.
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Five Advantages of the Blower of Feici Sail
1. High energy saving and long life use
2. Oil-free and maintenance-free
3. Intelligent with variable frequency
4. Low noise and low vibration
5. Small size, light weight, easy to install
Advanced Technologies
Three-dimensional flow centrifugal impeller blade
High-hardness heat treatment AL7075 forged aviation aluminum is formed by five-axis linkage processing, with an accuracy of 0.001mm. The surface treatment adopts (Hard Anodizing Coading) and other treatment methods, which can maintain stable operation even in harsh environments, and the power transmission efficiency can reach more than 95%.
Air Suspension Technology
Pure oil-free suspension bearings, no friction, semi-permanent service life, no mechanical noise and vibration, stable operation at high temperatures, and an efficiency of up to 98%.
Maglev Suspension Technology
The motor speed can reach 400,000 RPM/min, with a high efficiency of more than 97%, and is currently the most efficient and stable PM MOTOR magnetic synchronous high-speed motor on the market.
High-tech Converter
Optimised performance through measuring the parameters of motor automatically with simple operate.